Qasr Al Hosn master plan

The Qasr Al Hosn master plan marks a significant phase of the Fort’s conservation and the site’s development. The implementation of the next phase will see the careful renovation and redevelopment of Qasr Al Hosn, the National Consultative Council building and the Cultural Foundation Building as the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi.

The core tenet of the Qasr Al Hosn master plan is to preserve its rich historic value and transform the fort and surrounding areas into a tourism and cultural destination in the heart of the capital. The Qasr Al Hosn site is emblematic of the pride and cultural heritage of the UAE and sheds light on the rich fabric of its history, people and traditions.

This monumental journey is just beginning - the start of a year-long programme of activities that aim to preserve, restore and rehabilitate Qasr Al Hosn while preparing visitors for an opening in 2018.